One Year Ago and Still Running Today

25 Jul
One Year Ago

One Year Ago

One Week Ago

One Week Ago

Just over a year ago my grade nine classmates and I ran for our lives in the ‘Zombie Run.’ We pushed our selves mentally and physically for weeks beforehand to prepare for the adrenaline-inducing 5k race and ended with only two survivors; the rest of us were ‘infected’ by the realistic zombies. It was the last 100 meters when we finally split up – we couldn’t exactly stay together in a thick mud pit with an electric finish (literally.)

Just eight days ago a couple friends and I participating in another unique 5k: the ColorVibe. Unlike the Zombie Run, we only knew about the race twelve hours beforehand, and without similar intense training, we woke up and ran. The spontaneity was one of the aspects making the race a blast. The final 100 meters of this race it wasn’t adrenaline or electric shocks that kept us running, but the colorful powder shot at us. Our white shirts soon formed tie-dye patterns, as did the rest of our bodies.

One Week AgoTwo very different approaches to these magnificent races, but I cannot say one was better than the other. Training for the Zombie Run led to team building and gave us reason and motivation to be healthy. On the other hand, the sudden sign up for the ColorVibe was a good reminder to not only stay fit, but to be willing to just have a good time.

So whether it will be the longest distance you have ever ran or half your normal routine, sign up for a fun 5k. Call some friends or family, get outside, and get moving. It can be tomorrow or months away, but you will not regret it.

IMG_2379 IMG_2378 IMG_2377 IMG_2355 IMG_2354


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